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Awesome and flawless launch!

We are happy to say we’ve experienced a smooth launch yesterday. It seems the long testing we did before the official launch has paid off, which made it a good day for us, the buoy owners and of course the fishers.

In the meantime I have been working on Fish ‘n’ Chips male and female T-shirts. Will let you all know when they are ready and where they can be obtained.

We wish you all another great day of fishing!

The time has come…

WE ARE LIVE! We have officially launched the system and it’s running smooth! Please do report to us if you run in to any issues so we can look in to them but so far with all the testing and beta week we’ve done nothing big has turned up. Again we would like to thank all who have helped us since the start with testing the system and suggesting improvements. We couldn’t have done it without you. We appreciate all the support we have and will be getting from all of you.

May the fishies be big and the fun be something to look forward to.

Dag & Sig

Beta testing started!

Today we have spread some buoy packages and have set up the vendors and MP to get started. This coming week will give us a last chance on finding any issues and fix them before official launch next week. Anything we find can not be huge as we have already done lots of testing to get where we are now, so we are not expecting any major issues.

Earlier today we have found a sound trigger error in the rod which we are looking in to and fixing as soon as possible. It does not interrupt the fishing itself.

If you find any other issues please IM me so I can make sure we look into it.

We’re very excited and happy to see the interest shown in Fish ‘n’ Chips so far and will do our best to make this something we all can enjoy.

We’re ready & a big thanks!

We did it! We ran a test earlier today to see how the system would react to a large group of fishers and all went well. This means there is nothing in the way of us officially launching on December 1st. Until then we will be setting up vendors at HQ, setting up the items at Marketplace and adding those locations to the pages here on the website for easy find.

Our in-world groups will be open to join on the 1st of December (some testers are already in) and we will make sure there will be a few buoys around the grid to get the fishers started.

We would like to thank those who helped us test since we started building up the system. You guys helped us a lot with making the system to what we will launch with and we are very grateful.

We hope to see you all around when it’s time!

So close!

We have tested, and tested, and tested and we will be doing some more testing. We plan on moving the website to it’s own server coming week and add the finishing touches so all information will be available to you, and getting HQ ready, which means we are getting very close to launching the game.

We have created the groups, one with chat and one without. No need to be in both as information from us will be spread in both through notices but it’s up to you if you like to have the social part included or not. The social group will be moderated to keep it nice and clean for all to enjoy.

Check back for updates on release soon!

Progress so far.

Tests have gone smoother then we could have hoped for. Some changes were made in counter colour so the difference will be more clear and any small, not critical, errors that were encountered while testing are being looked into.

Domain name and server space have been ordered, which means we will soon be able to move the system to it’s own. Some more testing will be needed once that is done but we do expect to release before the end of the year!

Special thanks go to those who have helped us test and point out what needed changing.

Our goal.

We’ve been working hard on the creation of this system so far, trying to combine the best feature of the already existing similar systems around, hoping to manage a fair and drama-free community. One of our ways of trying to manage that is to make sure there is no competition among users. Everybody will have the same benefits, no matter what level they are.