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Added info fields to Forum profile.

Hi all!
We figured it would be nice and sometimes useful to offer a way to share your System and SL specs on the forum. I have added extra fields to the Forum Profile section that allows you to check which viewer you use to play SL and add some details about the system you run.

Besides it being fun, it could come in handy when trying to get help with any issues you might run into as those who’d like to help will have some details already.

When filled in those details will automatically show underneath posts and comments you make.

Hope you will all like it!


Forum registration and login

I have just added the option to register and login to the forum using Facebook. For those who already registered yesterday, there is an option to connect Facebook to your forum-account when you edit your profile, to use it for easy login in the future.



Forum up and running!

We were asked if it was possible to make a forum to discuss FnC and other topics. We asked around a bit and found out more people would like this, so…

We made it happen..

The forum is up and running and can be found HERE.

The direction to it can also be found in our menu here on the top left. Enjoy!