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Issues on RC Magnum

We are aware of buoys giving the “can’t connect”-message on and off on RC Magnum sims, this is NOT a problem with our server but a problem LL is looking into and will hopefully solve soon. If it happens while you are fishing at an RC Magnum sim you can still fish buoys at other locations, so just move to any buoy located on a different sim. We will update you all on this as LL updates us.


2nd HQ and buoy move.

Due to the issues caused by LL on Magnum sims like HQ and the time it is taking LL to fix it, we have decided to have a 2nd HQ located on a non-magnum sim. I (Siggy) have also moved my buoy there so it shouldn’t be less dramatic at least for that one. Also have some 10L$ adboards out there if you have anything to advertise. Enjoy!

FnC Team


Testing started!

Yesterday we handed over our new product “FnC Travel Post” to some landowners for testing and got some willing travellers to do a test drive, which went very smooth. We’ll do some more deeper testing today so if any of you would like to help us out feel free to contact me (Siggy String) in-world so I can send you a hud. The sooner we’re done testing the faster we’ll be able to launch in officially.


Testers needed!

As some of you know we’ve been working on a “new” product called FnC Travel Post. We’re close to testingfase and will need people to help us with that. If you are interested as a landowner or traveller, please join the following group as that is where we will communicate what, where when.

FnC Travel


We need your help!

Hi all,
as you all know there has been an issue with connecting . LL has been looking in to it as it not a problem caused by our server but they need information and we need your help to gather it.

When you are fishing and you get a can’t connect please tell us A.S.A.P.
We need time, and location and number of people on the sim.
If you’d please let us know it might help LL a lot solving this issue fast.

FnC Team


Added info fields to Forum profile.

Hi all!
We figured it would be nice and sometimes useful to offer a way to share your System and SL specs on the forum. I have added extra fields to the Forum Profile section that allows you to check which viewer you use to play SL and add some details about the system you run.

Besides it being fun, it could come in handy when trying to get help with any issues you might run into as those who’d like to help will have some details already.

When filled in those details will automatically show underneath posts and comments you make.

Hope you will all like it!


Important Update!

Hi all,
it seems all is working again besides the payment server. Your earnings are safe so no worries. Gusienka will look into the payment server problem 1st thing in the (CET) morning. You can use the system as always, just wait till Gusienka gives the green on requesting payments and don’t panic 😉

FnC Entertainment Team



We will be setting up regular raffles for players to win some bait.
The first raffle was just set up and will run until the 1st of may.
3 prices, 3 winners.

All you need to do is reply to the raffle topic in order to have a chance to win.

Go to the forum now and enter!