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Important Update!

Hi all,
it seems all is working again besides the payment server. Your earnings are safe so no worries. Gusienka will look into the payment server problem 1st thing in the (CET) morning. You can use the system as always, just wait till Gusienka gives the green on requesting payments and don’t panic 😉

FnC Entertainment Team



We will be setting up regular raffles for players to win some bait.
The first raffle was just set up and will run until the 1st of may.
3 prices, 3 winners.

All you need to do is reply to the raffle topic in order to have a chance to win.

Go to the forum now and enter!


Forum registration and login

I have just added the option to register and login to the forum using Facebook. For those who already registered yesterday, there is an option to connect Facebook to your forum-account when you edit your profile, to use it for easy login in the future.



Forum up and running!

We were asked if it was possible to make a forum to discuss FnC and other topics. We asked around a bit and found out more people would like this, so…

We made it happen..

The forum is up and running and can be found HERE.

The direction to it can also be found in our menu here on the top left. Enjoy!


Withdraw issues [SOLVED]

The sim the payment server is on seems to be stuck in restart or something thanks to LL which causes the message you get when trying to withdraw. Don’t worry your funds are safe and you will be able to withdraw as soon as it’s back up.

FnC Team


Kingsday event 2016

It’s the Dutch Kings B-day Wednesday which is celebrated all over the country. Every year we spin tunes, run trivia and have sploders at Cuppers which is the main sim for FnC HQ. Which means this year FnC will be included too.

I’ll (Siggy) will be spinning tunes all day that you’ll be able to hear all over the sim. We’ll have a few trivia’s running spreaded over the sim and sploders covering the whole sim (Cuppers grouptag needed).