To start earning you will need to get a Fish ‘n’ Chips Fishing Rod and Hud. You can get these by clicking on the FnC info-signs located at most of the buoy locations or from our Marketplace store.

      1. Wear the rod. Attaches to right hand, will not work otherwise.
      If you are a new fisher the rod needs to be attached first before the hud so you are registered.
      After that does not matter.
      2. Wear hud. Attaches to centre but can be moved to other location if so desired.
      3. Select a location by clicking the pin on the hud (gives a random location with a link in local chat) or from the Buoy Location page.
      4. Click right button on hud to cast, left button gives menu options. You can also cast by clicking the rod or click and hold for 2 seconds to access rod menu.


    Withdraw – To cash up. Payment is made to the nearest whole L$, fractions are stored.
    Refresh – Refresh hud.
    Resize – Resize hud.
    Colour – Change text colour on hud.
    Font – Change font on hud.
    Rod Options. Only works with rod attached.
    Change bait – No Worms (180secs), Earth Worm (60secs), Red Wiggler (45secs), Grasshopper (30secs).
    When first attaching the rod/hud bait defaults to earth worms, after that it will stay on whatever you have set it to. If you run out of one type of bait it automatically goes down to the next available until it reaches no worms. If you make a purchase you will then have to change bait otherwise it will remain on no worms.
    Colour – Change colour of rod.
    Resize – Change size of rod.

    Level and amount of points since you first started fishing.


    Earnings available for payout.


    Random location button. When clicked will give you a random buoy location.


    Your bait count.


    Cast button. Click this button to cast.

    1. Left click bait crate vendor.
    2. Select bait from drop down, prices for each are displayed in local chat.
    3. Right click bait crate vendor and select ‘pay’.
    4. Amount of bait purchased will automatically be added to your account.*20% of purchase goes to bait crate owner unless they are buying from their own crate.
    ——————-All random and levelling bonuses are automatically added to your account and/or activated.