To start traveling you will need to get a FnC Travel Hud. You can get at our store at Headquarters or from our Marketplace store.

    1. Wear the FnC Travel Hud
    2. Click the location button. Up to 5 locations will be given to you in local chat. Choose one and go to that location.
    3. Go to the Travel Post and touch it.
    4. A pop up will appear asking you to enter the code shown in localchat. Copy, paste and SUBMIT.
    5. If the code is correct your travel will start.
    6. Enjoy the location, look around, socialize.
    7. After 6 minutes you will receive your L$ and you can choose another location.
    General, Moderate, Adult – Don’t want to visit certain rated sims? Click the matching simrating and turn them off/on. Greyed out means you will not be sent to sims with that rating.
    L$ – Will show the L$ you made by travelling so far.
    Locations – Click this to be shown a selection of locations to choose from. Will show up to 5 locations in your localchat.
    Menu – (see below)
    Withdraw – Payment is made to the nearest whole L$.
    Refresh – Refresh hud.
    Resize – Resize hud.
    Font – Change font on hud.
    Colour – Change text colour on hud