• Traveller FAQ
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  • 1. Can everybody travel?

    Due to experience in our and other systems we have set a minimum age of 14 days before an avatar is able to travel our system.

  • 2. How do I withdraw my earnings?

    To withdraw your earnings simply click the menu button on the hud, and click withdraw.

  • 3. I can not enter a travel location.

    There can be multiple reasons for that.

    1 - The sim is full. You will have to try again later as a spot becomes available when people leave.
    2 - The sim is down for a restart. Try again later.
    3 - You may have been banned. If you are, a message will state so. This is not something we can get involved in. If you want to try to resolve this please contact the land/buoy owner. Do NOT discuss them in groupchat!
    4 - It's a skilled game region. To enter skilled game regions, there are certain rules. Those can be found here.

  • 4. How much will I earn?

    Every Travel Post requires you to stay a minimum of 6 minutes. You will earn 2L$ for every Travel Post you visit.