FAQ Categories: Fishermans FAQ

What does the Global Event Hud do?

When some one triggers a Global Event the regular hud will show that information as hovertext above the hud. Some people don’t want to wear the fishing gear all the time, but do like to know when Global Chip events are active. That is what the Event Hud is for. A way to track the Global events without having to wear the actual gear. And is therefore optional.

What is a Global Chips event?

Global Chips events are events that last for an hour and give you more chips per cast during that time. These events are triggered by any one who wins it while fishing and are for all to enjoy. It is one of the Random Bonuses that can be won while fishing. These events will help you level up faster and therefore reach your level bonuses faster.

I can not enter a buoy location.

There can be multiple reasons for that.

1 – The sim is full. You will have to try again later as a spot becomes available when people leave.
2 – The sim is down for a restart. Try again later.
3 – You may have been banned. If you are a message will state so. This is not something we can get involved in. If you want to try to resolve this please contact the land/buoy owner. Do NOT discuss them in groupchat!
4 – It’s a skilled game region. To enter skilled game regions, there are certain rules. Those can be found here.

Will I earn more when levelling up?

No, everybody can earn the same no matter what level they are. Everybody gets the same bonuses levelling up and everybody has the same chance on random bonuses. This will rule out competition and keep it nice and friendly for all.

I can not cast, the hud is not responding at all…

Some locations require you to join a group in order to run scripts. Please check in “About Land” if that is the case and if so, join the group that the land belongs to. In some cases when a sim is very crowded you might also experience lag. Unfortunately this is not something we can control. Patience or moving elsewhere and coming back later to try is an option.