• Buoy Owner FAQ
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  • 1. Where can I get a buoy and what does it cost?

    Please visit our Product Page. You will see which plans we offer, their price, the link to our Marketplace store and the slurl to our in-world location.

  • 2. How many Li will it take to host FnC buoy?

    The total LI of the set (Buoy, Infosign & Baitcrate) is 9.

  • 3. What is the minimum required amount to start an event?

    In order to start an event the buoy requires to have a minimum of the multiplier x 100L$ as funds. So to start a x2 event the buoy needs to have a minimum of 200L$, a x3 would require 300L$ etc. etc.

  • 4. Do I lose my funds when I pick up the buoy?

    No. When you set up the buoy it will get a unique name and funds are stored on the server. When you re-rezz the buoy it will pick up where it left off including the funds that were in it when you picked it up.

  • 5. Do I earn from bait sales?

    Yes, if a fisher buys bait from your active baitcrate you will earn 20% commission.

  • 6. Can everybody fish?

    Due to experience in our and other systems we have set a minimum age of 14 days before an avatar is able to fish our system.