• Travel Post Owner FAQ
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  • 1. How many Li will it take to host FnC Travel Post?

    The total LI of the FnC Travel Post is 2 at rezz. When resized LI will change but that is optional.

  • 2. What is the minimum required amount to start the FnC Travel Post?

    Minimum amount to add to the FnC Travel Post is L$100.

  • 3. Do I lose my funds when I pick up the Travel Post?

    No. When you set up the Travel Post it will get a unique name and funds are stored on the server. When you re-rezz the Travel Post it will pick up where it left off including the funds that were in it when you picked it up.

  • 4. Can everybody travel?

    Due to experience in our and other systems we have set a minimum age of 14 days before an avatar is able to travel our system.

  • 5. How much commission do I pay?

    Every time you fund your Travel Post 10% commission is taken.

  • 6. How much do I pay per visitor?

    Travellers earn 2L$ for their 6 minute stay.

  • 7. How long will the visitors stay?

    In order to get paid Travellers require a minimum stay of 6 minutes.

  • 8. Can visitors earn multiple times per day from a Travel Post?

    No. When they have visited your Travel Post and earned their L$'s from it, they won't be able to earn from it again until 24 hours have passed.