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Kingsday event 2016

It’s the Dutch Kings B-day Wednesday which is celebrated all over the country. Every year we spin tunes, run trivia and have sploders at Cuppers which is the main sim for FnC HQ. Which means this year FnC will be included too.

I’ll (Siggy) will be spinning tunes all day that you’ll be able to hear all over the sim. We’ll have a few trivia’s running spreaded over the sim and sploders covering the whole sim (Cuppers grouptag needed).


A Reminder About Account Security

As with any online service, Second Life Residents may from time to time be targeted with phishing attempts, which try to trick users into providing personal information and account credentials.

These attempts may include messages – including inworld IMs and emails trying to appear as if they were sent from Linden Lab – that prompt you to click on a link and/or provide personal information.

To help keep yourself safe from these tricks, remember:

  • If you receive a suspicious email, forward it to and delete it.
  • If you receive a suspicious IM, file an abuse report against the sender even if the sender looks like your friend. After stealing an account, a fraudster often tries to trick the victim’s friends.
  • If you feel your account has been compromised, contact Second Life Billing through the Support Portal right away. (Better yet, call us at the number provided on the Support Portal)
  • Keep your antivirus software up-to-date and scan for viruses regularly.
  • You can change your account password; do so frequently to keep your account secure. If you suspect you’ve already clicked a phishing link, change your password immediately.
  • If you have multiple accounts, use a different password for each account.
  • Never reuse your Second Life password for your email account or any other website.
  • Your password should be easy for you to remember, but hard for others to guess.
  • If you think you entered your credit card information into a fake email or website, contact your bank immediately!

For more info, check out this page on the wiki.

Help your fellow Second Life Residents keep their accounts secure by sharing this post with them. Bookmark it, and the next time you see phishing attempts in group chat, share this post to help educate others. You can help put phishers out of business.

Source: A Reminder About Account Security


Want to be be sure you don’t miss any news?

It seems many people forget we have a website where we post updates and news. We are also getting questions about future plans so we figured it might be easy to enable those interested in any updates and news, to subscribe to our posts. When signed up you will be sent an email as soon as we make a new post.

Just hit the STAY UPDATED! link in the top menu and fill out the form. Find the confirmation email in your in-box, hit the link and you’re good to go!

You can un-subscribe at any point clicking the link at the bottom of the email.


Grab your rod & HUD update please.

After our maintenance the “old” hud and rod won’t work as an update was part of the maintenance. So please grab a new rod and hud from the info sign at any buoy location or grab one from MP.


  • Location pin will now let you choose to show 1 or 5 locations.
  • Have to be 14 days old to use the system.
  • Global event hovertext will now also show the name of the person who triggered it.
  • Added a separate Global event hud for those who want to keep track of the global events without having to wear the regular gear when they are not fishing.

Happy Fishing all!
FnC Team



We will be performing some maintenance, starting around 2.30 AM slt. Services might be unavailable during this time but shouldn’t take long. We will post a notice once it’s finished and offer support in groupchat as usual.

FnC Team



We at FnC we like to wish all of you a great 2016. With lots of fun, friends, love and fishing ahead!


Fideel, Trin, Daria, Dagmara & Siggy