We provide 2 groups. FnC-Entertainment which has group-chat deactivated and Fish ‘n’ Chips Social Group. Both groups are free to join for every one. There are no rules for the no-chat group as none can be broken. The social group however has some rules that should be respected by every member to keep it nice and clean. Depending on severity, if rules are broken, one warning will be given, if not responded to, removal from group is a possibility.

  1. Land-bans are not to be discussed in group. Contact the owner of the buoy to sort it with them.
  2. We are not responsible for the behaviour of other people. Issues with other avatars are to be sorted with them in private and if needed reported to LL.
  3. Our system is available to all ages allowed in SL. Please watch your language and keep it clean.
  4. Advertising without our prior permission will end up in an instant and permanent ban from group.


  1. No private buoys allowed. Which means land needs to be publicly accessible.
  2. Buoy needs to be reachable. If needed by teleporter.
  3. Group use is allowed as long as the group is free to join for all (no private group).


  1. Land owner rules are to be respected.
  2. Be polite and say “Thank you”!

* Using multiple avatars is considered unfair and cheating. If caught we will terminate your account in the system. Please play fair, honest and with respect for both land owners and co-fishers.

*Updated November 9th 2015